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Herbergen Herbergen
Herbergen Herbergen
Legal aspects.

All the information, software, documents or any other indications on the web sites of Web-Connection GmbH or «swisspanoramas» are subject to the following conditions. Please read them through carefully. By using and/or reading the information, software and documents of the web pages of Web-Connection GmbH or «swisspanoramas» you agree to the following conditions:

Limitations of liability
Web-Connection GmbH and «swisspanoramas» are in no case liable for any direct or indirect damage and subsequent damage that arise through the use of software, information and any material from the web sites of Web-Connection GmbH and «swisspanoramas» or using the access via links to any other web sites.
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Links with other web sites
It is possible to get to other internet sites with links from this web site, which are not maintained by Web-Connection GmbH or «swisspanoramas». Such external internet sites contain information that are created, edited, maintained or made available by organisations and natural or legal persons who are legally independent of Web-Connection GmbH or «swisspanoramas». Web-Connection GmbH and «swisspanoramas» are not responsible for these sites and neither approve of, nor support or confirm any information that is contained on these external sites or in link addresses that they contain.

Data security in the Internet
Please note that the World Wide Web is a publicly accessible system. Each time that any personal information is given on it, this happens at the risk to the person who voluntarily gives it. This data can be lost on the way or get into the hands of unauthorized people. Web-Connection GmbH and «swisspanoramas» protects personal data through appropriate measures against unauthorized changes. Web-Connection GmbH and «swisspanoramas» can, however, not be made liable for the data security.

Property rights/Immaterial goods rights
The content of the web sites of Web-Connection GmbH and «swisspanoramas» is copyright. Any changes of these pages in forbidden in any case. The reproduction, linking or using for public or commercial purposes without a previous written approval of Web-Connection GmbH and «swisspanoramas» is forbidden. If you download software and/or any other information or if you change them in any other way, all the property rights stay with Web-Connection and «swisspanoramas». The name of Web-Connection GmbH and «swisspanoramas» and the components of their logos are protected brands of Web-Connection GmbH and «swisspanoramas», Rellikonstrasse 4, CH-8124 Maur, Switzerland.
Web-Connection GmbH and «swisspanoramas» are not the owners of all the brands that are mentioned in the information and documents on their web sites.

Changes/additions to these conditions
This page will, from time to time, be adapted to the latest legal conditions. It was last changed on January 19, 2003 . Web-Connection GmbH and «swisspanoramas» have the right to add, change or cancel information to their web sites at any time. Please consult this web site of Web-Connection GmbH and «swisspanoramas» each time when you visit our web sites.

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