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Herbergen Herbergen
Herbergen Herbergen
Ancient times mixed with the
modern world.

Being one of the richest countries in the world Switzerland is also rich in culture and art treasures. Many interesting museums and tasteful galleries spread over the whole country are testimony to this.

The internationally well-known Landesmuseum (State museum) of Zurich is one such example. It presents the most extensive collection of Swiss culture history from the past centuries. Several times a year there are also some interesting special exhibitions with topical themes.

The different art museums are also of topical interest, with regular exhibitions of modern art that often make headlines in the international press.

Those interested in culture and art will find an enormous number of famous galleries and museums suiting all tastes and budgets in every imaginable field.

Enter some wonderful gallery with its great reputation or a fascinating museum of the most diverse scientific fields. Spectacular 360° panoramas make sure that you will get a lasting impression.
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